Bradley Smoker Bisquettes 24pk

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Apple A member of the fruit tree family, apple wood bisquettes produce a lighter, fruity and slightly sweet smoke aroma.  Apple flavor bisquettes are traditionally used when smoking pork and poultry and can produce some of the best smoked ribs! 
Alder Most commonly used with fish and seafood because of its milder flavor, Alder bisquettes can also be used when smoking pork and poultry. Its light and slightly sweeter flavor is provides a smooth smoke flavor for your food. 
Cherry A sweet and flavorful wood, Cherry bisquettes pair perfectly with smoking chicken and cheese.  Cherry flavor bisquettes can also provide a mild smoked flavor for beef and pork 
Mesquite Strongest of the smoker woods. Nothing says Texas like mesquite cooked beef brisket. Mesquite is the most popular wood use in southern barbecue. Mesquite has a strong and hearty smoke flavor which complements beef, venison, wild game but can also be used with fish, pork and poultry
Hickory A popular wood for smoking and considered by many to be the best wood for pork.  Hickory’s strong flavor can be toned down by mixing with oak flavor bisquettes. Hickory’s full rich flavor is excellent for any meat
Oak Rich flavored smoker wood excellent with wild game or beef. Beef, Wild game, pork, Wild Turkey.
Maple Our new favorite for smoked salmon. Great when smoking a tuna steak. Seafood, Poultry, Wild turkey, Vegetables, cheese.
Pacific Blend It
 is chef-inspired for fish and seafood and features a light clean flavor.Seafood, Poultry, Wild Turkey, Vegetables, Cheese. Made from natural hardwoods and fruit-woods.
Pecan Cousin to hickory wood. Pecan is a winner with wild boar. Pork, Beef, Venison Poultry.
Special Blend Our specially formed blend has a distinct flavor that is mild enough for any dish.
Jim Bean Made from the oak barrels of Jim Beam Bourbon. The bisquettes are so rich in flavor, you can actually smell the bourbon essence still in them. Jim Beam’s full, rich flavor is excellent for any meat.
​Sage: ​Sage
 comes from the Northern Mediterranean, where it’s loved by Italians and the French for its hearty and distinctive flavor. Its aroma contains hints of lemon, mint and woodsy notes. Lamb, pork, poultry and cured meats are enhanced by the flavors of sage and maple bisquettes. Herbs and spices like rosemary or black pepper are also good pairings for sage.

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