Excalibur Matrix G340

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The G340 brings 35 years of Excalibur’s legendary design together with lightweight materials to produce our most powerful SMF series crossbow to date. The G340’s fiber-reinforced mainframe is completely weatherproof and combined with our durability proven recurve limb design, it provides the rugged reliability you have come to expect from Excalibur crossbows.

Packaged with industry-leading accessories, and producing plenty of horsepower at 340 FPS, the G340 is prepared for any game in North America.

Accurate, Easy to Use and Durable, the G340 sets a new standard for crossbow value.


  • Dead Zone Scope
  • 1 inch Rings
  • Four Arrow Quiver
  • Three Diablo Arrows with 100gr Field Points
  • Assassin Owner’s Manual
  • Rope Cocking Aid

Speed: 340 fps

Power stroke: 15-1/2”

Draw weight: 230 lb

OAL: 33-1/4”

Width: 26-1/2” (cocked)

Weight: 5-1/2 lb




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