Redding Big Boss ll Pro Pak

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We've selected our best reloading components and put them into one neat, money-saving package. This kit was created for both the first-time reloader to get started right and for the more advanced reloader desiring to upgrade his equipment. The Big Boss II Pro-Pak contain the following: The Big Boss II Reloading Press - One of our best selling presses Model 2 Powder and Bullet Scale. Simply the most sensitive, most accurate scale on the market. Powder Trickler. Heavy stable companion to the powder scale. Pad Style Case Lube Kit Consists of our non-skid lube pad and our best case lube. Deburring Tool. The cutting edges are g round correctly for clean chatterless cuts. Model 18 Case Preparation Kit. Plastic accessory handle with all the tools and brushes you need to properly clean your fired cases before resizing. Powder Funnel Made of tough Lexan and nearly indestructable. Hodgdon Annual Manual Reloading information for rifle and pistol ammo using Hodgdon, IMR & W-W powders in addition to a variety of helpful handloading articles.