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Bait & Attractants

  • Pautzke Fire Cure

    Pautzke Fire Cure

    orthwest favorite Pautzke Bait Co. – known worldwide for their “Balls O’ Fire” eggs and “Soft But Satisfying” recipe – continues an over 70-year tradition of providing premium eggs and attractants to the trout,...
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  • Pautzke Crappy Fire Balls

    Pautzke Crappy Fire Balls

    Crappie Fire Balls disperse a strong crappie and panfish attracting scent into the water triggering more bites with each cast. Our scientists have perfected these crappie fire balls to disperse 10x more scent into the water than traditional dough baits...
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  • Berkley Bio Dip Red

    Berkley Bio Dip Red

      Get more flexibility with your Berkley Gulp! and Gulp! Alive! soft baits. The Berkley Bio-Dip Soft Bait Dye allows you to change bait colours instantly even if you're on the water. Just clean your Gulp! or Gulp! Alive! baits and dip a portion or...
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  • Magic Catfish Bait Liver Flavor

    Magic Catfish Bait Liver Flavor

    Contains a special food attractant and the most popular flavors for drawing in the big ones. Is a paste bait rather than dough so it stays on the hook better. Biodegradable bait retains color & scent and is easy to use. Six ounces of preformed baits...
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  • Pautzke Fire Gel

    Pautzke Fire Gel

    As a leader in the fishing industry for more than 85 years, Pautzke knows scent! In fact, we introduced scent to the fishing world. Fire Gel uses what we’ve learned for more than 8 decades and brings the longest lasting, most powerful and strongest...
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