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  • Primos Coyote Bear

    Primos Coyote Bear

    The Coyote Bear Buster™ reproduces the pitch, tone and volume of a deer’s bleat as deer communicate, and it reproduces the bawl of a fawn or a young deer in distress. It attracts coyotes, bears, foxes, bobcats, mountain lions, and other...
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  • Primos Lanyard 3 Call

    Primos Lanyard 3 Call

    Holds 3 Calls, has 2 split rings, keeps calls separated and easy-to use slip knots. Heavy duty Holds 3 calls Has 2 split rings Easy to use slip knots Calls not included  
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  • Primos Wooly Bully c/w Decoy Heart

    Primos Wooly Bully c/w Decoy Heart

    Your decoy is only effective if it can be seen. The Primos Wooly Bully™ is designed to work in varying terrain such as tall grass, weeds and sage flats. The Wooly Bully™ is a wobbling fur ball motion critter that jolts, hops and erratically...
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  • Primos Preditor Master Pak & Dvd

    Primos Preditor Master Pak & Dvd

    The Predator Master Pak gives you all the tools you need to start calling in predators, including the latest Truth Calling All Coyotes to get your adrenaline pumping before your next hunt. The latest TRUTH – Calling All Coyotes DVD Hot...
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  • Primos Cat Nip Predator Call

    Primos Cat Nip Predator Call

    Randy Anderson says that this is the best bobcat call he has ever used. This call creates the meow of a bobcat, as well as rabbit and fawn distress calls. Cat Nip™ is a bite and blow style call. You control the tone and pitch by varying the...
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  • Primos Double Whammy Predator Call

    Primos Double Whammy Predator Call

      Double your chances of calling ’em in with the Double Whammy™. It howls like a pack of dogs invading on local dogs’ territory. You can be sure the local pack will come in to run them off and you’ll be there waiting for...
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  • Primos Kiyi Predator Call

    Primos Kiyi Predator Call

    The name “Ki-Yi” was derived from the sound an injured dog makes. Our Ki-Yi™ also produces the raspy, distress calls of prey, which appeals to all predators. This call has a removable mouthpiece which can be used alone to produce the...
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