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Fly Tying

  • Tapered Synthetic Quill Tapered Synthetic Quill

    Tapered Synthetic Quill

    Synthetic Transparent vinyl base material, great flexibility and thinnes. This fantastic material is a great substitute of natural peacock quill, but more resistant and simply to use.    Self-adesive and tapered pattern which allow to tie...
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  • Buzzer Wrap

    Buzzer Wrap

    Description​​NEW Dyed Buzzer Wrap in Capes.  Each cape has over 200x strands and at least 80mtr of material per cape!.   Dyed into a range of colours in both natural & fluorescent.   The material is perfect for winging or bodies...
    $8.25 - $8.95
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  • 2 Tone Tungsten Half Beads

    2 Tone Tungsten Half Beads

    These are the revolutionary Tungsten Half beads just released to the fly tying market.They allow for multiple color combinations for use on bead head fly patterns never before possible.  Your creativity can be unleased to design new patterns and to...
    $4.05 - $5.23
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