Luhr Jensen Ford Fender

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The Luhr Jensen Ford Fender Lake Troll features an original blade design, premium plating, and rigid stainless steel wire. When trolled at slow speeds, it will provide maximum flash and vibration to attract fish from great distances. The Ford Fender Lake Troll is backed by solid history, as it was created in the 1930's from the headlight reflector of a Model A Ford. Add a Super Duper, Needlefish, or Hot Shot lure (sold separately) at the end for the perfect trolling combination.


  • Original blade design
  • Premium plating and polishing
  • Maximum flash
  • Unique big-fish blades
  • Solid stainless steel wire
  • Qty. per pack: 1
  • Model A 15" Long 1 #8 & 1 #9 Blade
  • Model T 22" Long 1 #9 & 1 #8 Blade


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