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Real Avid Zip Wire Flex Rod Gun Cleaning Kit makes cleaning your firearm a fast, easy, and painless task, whether you're cleaning a pistol, rifle, or shotgun. This Real Avid cleaning tool pulls debris toward and out the muzzle, instead of pushing already-used patches and brushes across the top of lands and grooves, giving you a complete clean that rotates with the rifling of your firearm. The cleaning tool comes with a compact, 360-degree rotating T-handle for a dynamic pulling and pushing mechanism that will help you clean out every inch of your firearm with the Real Avid Zip Wire Premium Firearm Cleaning Set. Real Avid has equipped the Zip Wire kit with slotted jags for a more uniform solvent application, plus the kit's bronze-phosphor bore brushes can power through the most stubborn fouling and buildup. What's more, all these cleaning tools come in a compact, rugged case that will let you clean your firearm at home or in the field. - Pistol, .22 -.45 Caliber- Comprehensive gun cleaning kit by Real Avid- Premium-grade cleaning components with everything you need to clean your firearm- Pulls debris toward the muzzle instead of deeper into your firearm- Includes compact, 360° rotating T-handle- Slotted jags give you a more uniform application of oil and solvents- Brushes utilize bronze-phosphor bristles to improve cleaning power- Comes with Zip Brushes, Zip Jags, Zip Patches, and more- Components pack away into a rugged, compact case for easy access and transportation.


Zip Wire Quick Connect, Flex Rod Cleaning System Specifications:- Fits: .22,.270/.280/7mm,30 calibers- 1 Flex Rod and T-handle- 3 Zip brushes- 3 Zip Jags- 25 No-bunch Zip patches- 1.5 oz. Fillable solvent bottle- Rugged slide lock carrying case.

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