Vespula Knife c/w Replaceable Blades

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Through cutting edge innovation, Vespula presents a knife that will excel your lifestyle and make other knives obsolete. Bring this state of the art knife anywhere like hunting, fishing, camping, and hiking to witness the power of the Skinner. Blade length is 2.75" (69.85mm). 

Different styles: ORANGE, GREEN, or BLACK

Package includes: 2 additional stainless steel #60 SS blades and a holster.

  • HUNTING: The Skinner gives you a extremely sharp surgical blade that is specifically designed for skinning and dressing game animals.
  • FISHING: A fisherman's best friend. The Skinner makes scaling and gutting second nature. Let the knife do the work, and enjoy fishing again.
  • CAMPING: Make the Skinner your go-to utility when you are enjoying the great outdoors. Your safety and reliability comes at ease to the Skinner.
  • HIKING: Through those difficult terrains and unexpected moments, the Skinner is a knife you can rely on to get you through your journey.

Removing Blade

  • Once the knife is open, turn the knife to its side. Using a pair of needle-nose pliers carefully grip the top of the blade away from cutting edge.
  • With a pair of pliers pinch the heel of the blade. Gently lifting the blade upwards enough to clear the tang.
  • Begin pushing the blade forward off the tang. Make sure there is no one in front of you. Once removed discard old blade.

Replacing Blade

  • With the knife in the open position use pliers to pinch the under side of the sharp replacement blade. Never with your fingers. Align hole of blade with tang.
  • Align blade and tang so the sharp blade is in the slot position.
  • Gently slide the blade down the tang until it clicks and locks in place. Gently tug the blade to ensure its in a locked position.